1. I’ve saved a scan of my ColorBlocker print as an 8-bit RGB TIFF at 300 ppi. When I try to use it in EDN I get the error message “Please, open an HSB Color Blocker image!” What am I doing wrong?

    1. There are quite a few possibilities for this error to occur. Most likely you are trying to open a tiff file in a web browser that does not support the use of these files. Basically, you can only open a tiff in Safari, in some browsers you can open it with the appropriate plug-in, and in some browsers it is completely impossible to open a tiff file. Try saving the image to a JPEG file.

      1. It was a TIF vs JPG problem all right. But the gradient made a print that’s too contrasty and lost detail in the high values. (It looks like the very high values are flattened but still retain tone.) The color chart scan has brightness values 19% to 91%. Should I try to rescan? Following the video, I did not color-correct the scan, so it has a slight brown tone. Is there any way to change the gradient map or LUT to improve the print? Thanks for any help.

  2. Having received your book today, I see I have several steps to complete before going to an actual print. I’ll read and apply the concepts before asking further questions.

  3. Hallo, I picked up this reply (below) to a query on Facebook about importing Spyder spectrometer readings into EDN, Could you help me with your .ti3 template please.
    “I ran into the same troubles few months back (pretty annoying) and Peter Mrhar was kind enough to provide me with a .ti3 template file where I could just paste in the spyder data. Worked fine.”
    Many thanks

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